by Cait Nanna
Rejection is a plague that haunts the souls of all mankind. I have noticed that while men hide their rejection, you can smell rejection a mile away on most women.  We cover it up with makeup and a flirtatious smile. The fact of the matter is inside we are breaking.  One word spoken millennia ago in our lives haunts us still and we have a low self esteem. It’s true there is power in the tongue. Most of the time, the words spoken might only be when someone is frustrated but it takes root in our lives.  Low self esteem or rejection often causes self hatred. When you hate yourself the world becomes a dreary place to be in. One word spoken against you could launch you into an eating disorder, self abuse, bad thoughts, or even end up in suicide. Words really tend to play with your mind.

   But you know what? Jesus came to bring life and life more abundantly.  This life does not have to do with how much you weigh or what a man says about you.  The Word of God says that man looks on the outward God looks at the inside (the heart).  When He sees you, He sees you as a beautiful woman who ravishes His heart! Nothing you do, nothing you say, will change His opinion of you.

   Ask the Lord to show you what He thinks of you. One time as I felt really low and ugly and man, I just hated myself, I asked Jesus please Lord I am tried of myself can You show me what You think of me? He totally changed my distorted view to His view. He showed me how He looked at me in my heart and I was elated – for the first time in my life I felt beautiful, I felt gorgeous. All because He revealed to me the secrets of what we look like to Him.

   I want to speak life into you, my fellow women; you are beautiful no matter what anybody says. No word, no insinuation, nothing that comes against who you are is true. He speaks beauty into you, He sees your heart, your heart makes you beautiful inside and out. Let the truth flow over you. Simply ask Him to speak into your situation; you will fall in love with yourself, because He loves you.